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Asa ([personal profile] ariya) wrote2012-01-26 01:38 pm

I need to post on DW more, so.

Ooooh? A package arrived? Let's do an unboxing! I've always wanted to do an unboxing!

Kind of failed with the first picture since I already unsealed the tape before thinking to take pictures but oh well.

FromJapan did a pretty nice job of packing this time, unlike last time where the box was like twice the size of the contents.




Key 10th Memorial Box! This came out over 2 years ago, but only recently did I decide that I'm enough of a Key-crazed fan to purchase this. It cost me a hefty sum on YJA (not much more than when it first came out though, surprisingly), but I don't regret my purchase.

It got to me really fast though. Like, 2~3 days. IIRC last time I used FromJapan the item came really quickly as well. EMS is really fast with other proxies but for some reason using FJ is magical or something.

Anyway, in my life as a terrible otaku, this is definitely my best purchase yet. I'll treasure this box forever. ♥
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[personal profile] sunshower 2012-01-28 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
ohhhh my god im SO JEALOUS ;_; it looks absolutely gorgeous though *_* how much did it cost you total? when i come into a bit of money maybe i'll try a proxy service to get one...sob

i'm glad you got it though!! aah sighs it looks lovely